Company History


We’re very proud of our history! PowerRich is a family owned, Winnipeg based fertilizer company. We take great pride in pioneering granular micro nutrients in fertilizer in Canada, and in serving customers across the prairies and throughout North America.

Since our beginning in 1984, PowerRich has been North America’s premier expert in matching crop nutritional requirements to soil type, and doing so in the most economic and environmental way possible.

1989 saw the development of a granular fertilizer product, which contained our proprietary formula, plus the addition of granular micronutrients. 1989 also saw the merger of the two product lines. These were the granular, and a liquid foliar, both now handled by PowerRich.

We also began marketing a liquid kelp based product at that time. The new granular products have been revised over the years to reflect ongoing changes in farm equipment and technology, and in blending compatibility. The granular fertilizer products are designated as PowerPaks, the liquid foliar as PowerFol, and the kelp product as PowerRoot.

Our goal is to deliver high performing soil – friendly fertilizers that do not contaminate the soil or plant. Our globally sourced high quality ingredients for our proprietary formulas and constant innovation position PowerRich to help farmers grow their best crops now and well into the future.

We look forward to continuing our tradition of innovation. The first 40 years have given us the opportunity to establish ourselves with a distinct presence and a broad reach. At PowerRich we make a concerted effort to be involved in our community and industry. Our involvement with the Canadian Fertilizer Quality Assurance Program and the Canadian Association of the Agricultural Retailers are important to us.

Canadian Fertilizer Quality Assurance Program – Participant
Canadian Association of the Agricultural Retailers – Member