Mission & Vision

PowerRich Fertilizer

PowerRich has established a culture with distinct values. This culture reflects the desire of all of our team members who work together on a common goal. Our Mission and Vision articulate the way that we do our daily work to create PowerRich fertilizer for our customers.

Mission Statement

PowerRich will be the lead supplier of cost effective, balanced fertilizers essential to producing average to above average crop yields during the short growing season experienced by prairie farmers in Canada and the northern United States. We will continue to implement our proprietary PowerPak, PowerRoot ReadyPhos and PowerFol fertilizer programs grounded in the economics of supplying the amount of nutrients that the crop requires during each stage of growth.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver high performing fertilizers that do not contaminate the soil or plant.

Our Vision

PowerRich Fertilizer’s vision has always been based in the sustainability of environmentally friendly farm practices and being good stewards of our most valuable living resource – the soil.


  •  Management of nutrients to maintain the productivity of soil through balanced fertilization achieved in modern agriculture by applying high quality mineral fertilizers with macros and micros that work together with organic fertilizers such as crop residues
  • Improve the soil nutrient budget/nutrient stock by recognizing the importance of micro nutrients and the role they play in over all soil health and improving the efficiency of the macro nutrients that are applied.
  • Minimize and limit losses as well as limit the environmental impacts of our agricultural practices, which is one of the basic requirements of sustainability in agriculture.
  • The purpose of using fertilizer materials is two fold:

Maximize crop production and maintaining soil fertility