The PowerRich Difference

PowerRich service and products are based around the concept that there is a better way.

As a custom fertilizer company we do things a bit different. That’s what makes PowerRich service stand out.


Our professional well informed agents come see you at your farm and at your convenience
We Deliver all our products to right to your farm
We can finance your purchases through our partnerships with FCC and Scotia bank
Ensure our products meet the highest quality and environmental standards


Since 1984, PowerRich has believed in the core concepts of:

  • Prevention of nutrient deficiencies rather than correction after symptoms appear
  • Management of nutrients to maintain the productivity of soil through balanced fertilization
  • Improve the soil nutrient budget/nutrient stock by recognizing the importance of micro nutrients and the role they play in overall soil health and improving the efficiency of the macro nutrients that are applied.
  • Minimize and limit the environmental impacts of our agricultural practices, which is one of the basic requirements of sustainability in agriculture.
  • The purpose of using our fertilizers is two fold: Maximize crop production and maintain soil fertility


  1. Crops need moisture. Why spend all your $$ on fertilizer first, then hope for rain. By using dry and foliar fertilizers costs can be better managed and controlled
  2. Tailor the fertilizer to supply the nutrients a crop requires during each stage of growth to maximize yield and profit

Seed Primer

  • Faster starts!
  • Nutrients immediately available for germinating seed
  • Helps the plant through stress (dry conditions)
  • Increase successful germination
  • Inexpensive addition to your nutrient program

Seed Placed Fertilizer (soil fertility)

Natural nutrients in the soil can be in a form that makes them scarce or unavailable to the plant. Ph and soil moisture also impact availability.

  • Seed placed fertilizer makes nutrients available in the root zone when placed with the seed
  • Our blends are fortified with macro and micro nutrients and work together with your nitrogen program to correct deficiencies

Foliar Feeding (Liquid spray or top dress)

  • Foliar feeding is like feeding your plant a shot of vitamins
  • Helps plants through stress periods and improves uptake of fertility placed in the soil and chemicals you apply
  • Makes nutrients available for immediate use by the plant
  • Up to 14x more effective by providing a rapid response uptake through the leaf

Extending Phos Uptake

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