The Importance of Micronutrients

The ability to deliver micronutrients to the crop’s roots is a key feature of PowerRich fertilizer products.

Micro refers to the quantity of a nutrient required by a plant, not that it’s less important for a healthy growth cycle.

“Micro nutrients are to agriculture as vitamins are to the human diet” – Braun

The micronutrients used by PowerRich are in a class by themselves!

They are classified as ”complexed” or “sequestered.” Like chelates they have the ability to “hold” metal ions in such a way as to protect them from being tied up by the soil particles and converted into an insoluble form, rendering them unusable by the plant.

This means that the micronutrients used by PowerRich move both laterally and vertically with soil moisture becoming equally distributed throughout the root zone. Natural sources of micronutrients depend on root interception, or the root finding the nutrient source once “tie up” has occurred.

This is critical since roots come in contact with as little as 1-2% of soil surface area

Because our granular macro and micronutrients used by PowerRich remain available longer, extending uptake to the plant, far less fertilizer is required to correct nutrient deficiencies. The plant has what it needs, when it needs it!

Liebig's Law of the Minimum: The rate of growth of a plant, the size to which it grows, and its overall health depend on the amount of the scarcest of the essential nutrients that are available to it. J Von Liebig, 1840. German chemist considered the father of fertilizer.

The micronutrients used by PowerRich also have other benefits such as:

  • Improved uptake and transport of N,P, and K (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) along with secondary and micro elements
  • Act as a buffering material in alkaline soils allowing for improved plant uptake
  • Improved safety tolerance allowing granular placement in the root zone of seedling plants
  • Enhanced early season vigor – better starts! Healthier plants!
  • Enhanced protein synthesis and enzyme activity
  • Reduces active levels of toxic elements and enhanced microbial populations


As growth in all phases is dependent on micronutrients we must be aware of their balances in the soil and their availability to the plant Without these micro elements being taken up by the plant in proper amounts and balance, yields will be limited

Among other properties, here is how micronutrients affect plant growth:



  • needed for the formation of chlorophyll
  • activates enzymes and the movement
    of regulators and charged


  • regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates
  • makes starch
  • adds in quality of seed and fruit development


  • activator of several enzymes and a basic energy changing roll in the production of amino acids
  • need to turn nitrogen into protein


  • known as the element of life
  • makes it possible for every living thing to reproduce itself
  • assist iron as an activator of enzyme growth
  • needed to produce seed




  • growth activator
  • key that activates the enzyme system for the production of auxin (growth regulator)

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