We appreciate all of the PowerRich testimonials we receive from customers. Read below what they are saying about PowerRich fertilizer.

This year (2016) was the first year we had ever used the PowerRich fertilizer and like any typical farmer we had to see what all the hype was about. Do we have any regrets? Absolutely not.

PowerRich fertilizer brought the perfect blend to help our crops turn into bumper crops! We had seeded 600 ac of wheat. Much to our surprise after sending samples away; NOTHING graded under a 2! Even better news was the wheat that graded a 1 yielded 63 bushels/acre! The protien was high, nothing under 14% over the course of the 600 ac of wheat. Were we happy with that? ABSOLUTELY considering all the other crops faired just as well!

We are definitely looking forward to the 2017 crop year as we have already booked our fertilizer with PowerRich!

Would we recommend this product to any of the farmers out there who want to give it a try? YES! We’re so happy with the product and it’s performance with our crops. Try it out for yourself, you won’t regret it! After all, we’re sure not!

NS Johnson Farm, Chauvin, AB

Customer Testimonial from Alberta

I really like PowerRich for the following reasons:

1. The amount of product to handle is greatly reduced, saving time at seeding by filling less and driving more. This is a big advantage as I work alone at seeding time.
2. The product is safe and easy to handle. There is very little caking in the bin on overwinter storage. The product also holds up very well to handling.
3. Salt indexes are lowered which is good for soil health.
4. It is very safe applied together with the seed.
5. In 2 years of use I have seen yields up to 69 bushels/acre on canola, 65 bushels/arce (64 ilds/bu) on HRSW with protein levels from 12-14.1, and milling oats yields up to 160 bushes/scre (45 lbs/bu).

I have used in depth soil testing for 10 years now. We (myself and an agronomist) are monitoring soil tests and see no reason why I cannot continue to use PowerRich fertilizer.

Roger Schultz, Hague, SK

Customer testimonial from Saskatchewan

This is my first year in using the PowerRich Fertilizer Product.

I had tried it on some of my Food Grade Beans. In using this product, I gained about a three bushel boost on my beans from using the product.

I really like the fact that the fertilizer is a nice and clean product to work with. Also the fact that you don’t have so much product to handle is great.

Tod Harrington Farm Grandin, N.D.

Customer testimonial from North Dakota

This is my first year in using the PowerRich Fertilizer.

I used the fertilizer on some of my wheat and soybean crop. I know that during the course of the summer, I could really tell where the PowerRich fertilizer was put down on my soybeans. They looked healthier, taller, and had a more uniform stand where the fertilizer was used.

Also on my wheat crop I gained about another ten bushel by using the PowerRich product on my wheat crop vs. just using the normal 11-52-0 fertilizer blend.

Roger, Gadberry Farms, Grandin, N.D.

Customer testimonial from North Dakota

I have used PowerRich products for the past 3 years and will continue to use it into the future.

We have some fields that have as many as 8 different soil types. You could easily see the different zones in the crops. We added power rich and those differences have become less noticeable every year. Crops are more even and yields have improved dramatically on those fields as well as crop grade.

Scott Bradley, Amber Ridge Farms, Stranraer SK

Customer testimonial from Saskatchewan

We switched to PowerRich fertilizer in 2011. Since then, our profit per acre increased with increased yields.

The plants are healthier, and fill times are cut in half. PowerRich works for us.

Dubas Brothers, Rama, SK.

Customer testimonial from Saskatchewan

A great product to use! We have been using PowerRich fertilizer now for 5 years & have always been happy with the results.

Plus the benefit of handling half the amount of product is a real bonus!

Wendel Wiebe, Delisle, SK

Customer testimonial from Saskatchewan

I wanted to let you know how we are doing with the PowerFol foliar fertilizer on alfalfa.

We treated 120 acres of Alfalfa with 5 lbs/acre of PowerFol foliar. We left one check strip (0 lbs/acre) and one strip we went with 10 lbs/acre. The visual differences were… dramatic. The most convincing viability of this product was the fact that this field regrew well enough to get a third cut while the remaining acreage… did not regrow sufficiently to get that critical third cut.

Kent Lamoureux, Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers Ltd.

Customer testimonial from Alberta

From the wheat grown from the PowerRich program we were awarded the No. 1 Aggregate prize at the Lethbridge [Alberta] Agribition.

Darrell McElroy, McElroy Seed Farm

Customer testimonial from Alberta

My brother and I have been using PowerRich fertilizer on every acre we farm since 2004 with great results.

We fill up with fertilizer first thing in the morning and don’t have to refill until the next day. The time that we save with the reduced amount of PowerRich fertilizer required in the soil, translates into more time seeding and more money in our pockets.

Doug Parker, St. Benedict, Sk, near Wakaw.

Customer testimonial from Saskatchewan

My Name is Andrew Ayre and I have been using PowerRich Fertilizer for 4 Years.

When we started using this Fertilizer our soil had a typical Ph of 7.9 – 8.2,and our Phosphate levels were 5 to 6 ppm. Now our Ph ranges from 7.2 – 7.4, and our Phosphate level has increased to 15 – 16 ppm. Our crop yields have been equal to or better than our neighbors.

The ease of using this low volume product and the results achieved are fantastic. So much so we have now become a dealer and regularly share these results and benefits with many friends and customers. This product comes packed with micros and nutrients and is packaged in mini bulks or bulk, dust free and no lumps!

So give this product a chance and reap the rewards on your 2011 crop!

Andrew Ayre

Customer testimonial from Manitoba

In the four years I have been using Powerrich’s balanced nutrient packages I have found my yields have been excellent and the advantage of handling half the volume of fertilizer has greatly increased efficiency at seeding time.

Barry Webster

Customer testimonial from Manitoba

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